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Chef as seen on DSiWare. Note that the game is set to game A.

Chef (シェフ Shefu)  is a Game & Watch game released on September 8, 1981. Its product number is FP-24. It was re-released for Nintendo DSi in 2009.

Gameplay Edit

In Chef, the player plays as a chef and must juggle food in the air and prevent it from landing on the ground. The player has three lives and if the food touches the ground, the player will lose a life. The game ends when the food touches the ground three times (when all three lives are lost). If the food is dropped a mouse is shown to pick it up and run away with it. The mouse is holding a fork and knife.

There is a cat on a shelf, in the upper left corner of the screen, that will catch the food farthest to the left with a fork randomly and let it drop after a few seconds.

In game A the player cooks three meals but in game B the player cooks four meals.

Appearances in Other Video GamesEdit

  • Chef is unlockable in Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS after the player has cooked a certain number of meals.
    Game and Watch Chef SSBB

    Chef in Brawl


    Chef in Melee.

  • Mr. Game & Watch's neutral special move in the Super Smash Bros. series is from this game where Mr. Game & Watch flings food from his pan towards his opponents.


  • The maximum score is 999 and when the score reaches 200 or 500 points all misses are cancelled.
  • Elektronika made a clone of this, The chef was worried in the Nintendo version and the Chef in the Elektronika version is happy. The game is called Merry Cook.

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