This particular Game & Watch, one of the most famous ones, was released on June 3rd, 1982 on the Multi-Screen Series.

Gameplay Edit

  • Mario can jump over barrels only if there is no girder above his head.
  • Barrels become faster the more of them Mario jumps over in a single run. If Mario doesn't reach Donkey Kong quickly then barrels will move too fast for Mario to jump over.
  • After activating the crane, it will swing left and right twice and then stop. Mario will then have to reactivate it for another chance.
  • If Mario is hit by a barrel.
  • If Mario jumps and hits a moving iron girder.
  • If Mario jumps and misses the crane.

If Mario gets a miss, he will return to the starting point.

  • 1pt for jumping over a barrel on the first girder.
  • 2pts for jumping over a barrel on the second girder.
  • 5-20pts for cutting one of Donkey Kong's wires (depending on how fast Mario reached it)
  • 20pts when all four wires are cut.
  • Maximum score is 999pts. Get a higher score and the score tally will reset to 0pts.
  • For every 300pts Mario gains, he earns an extra life. Mario can have up to three extra lives. If he gains 300pts with no misses, Mario will begin "Chance Time": the score will flash and all points will be worth double until Mario gets a miss.
Game Modes
  • Game A starts easy and is for beginners.
  • Game B is faster and more difficult. For experts.

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the most common G&W's. Can go for $30 to $65 boxed and $95 to $400 online.

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