In the late 80's, a Russian company named "Elektronika" made several clones of Nintendo Game & Watch titles. Most of these were clones of Egg.

List of games Edit

  • IM-02 Nu, Pogodi! (1986) - Nintendo EG-26 Egg
  • IM-03 Mysteries of the Ocean (1989) - Nintendo OC-22 Octopus
  • IM-04 Merry Cook (1989) - Nintendo FP-24 Chef
  • MG-09 Space Bridge (1989) - Nintendo FR-27 Fire
  • MG-13 Explorers of Space (1989)
  • IM-18 Fowling (1989)
  • IM-22 Merry Footballer (1989)
  • MG-50 Amusing Arithmetics (1989)
  • IM-23 Car Slalom (1991)
  • IM-50 Space Flight (1992)

Post-1992 versions:

  • I-01 Car Slalom
  • I-02 Merry Cook
  • I-03 Space Bridge
  • I-04 Fisher Tom-Cat
  • I-05 Naval Combat
  • I-06 Just you wait!
  • I-07 Frog boaster
  • I-08 Fowling
  • I-09 Explorers of Space
  • I-10 Biathlon
  • I-11 Circus
  • I-12 Hockey
  • I-13 Merry Footballer
  • I-14 Night Thiefes
  • I-15 Mysteries of the Ocean

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