Helmet is part of the Gold Series. It was released in Feburary 21, 1981. 


In Helmet, you control a Construction Worker who must walk from one shed to the other while avoiding falling Construction tools. You score 5 points every time a Worker gets to the shed on the right, and 1 point for every 3 tools that fall without it hitting the Worker. You get 3 misses, 1 is recieved when the Worker is hit with a falling tool. recieve 3 misses and it's game over.

Game ModesEdit

Game A: The tools fall at the same speed and more fall down as the game progresses.

ヘルメット ゴースト

ヘルメット ゴースト

"Game C"

Game B: The tools start with more on screen and get faster as the game progresses Game C (?) (Hidden): This mode can be played by holding down "Time" and "Game B" buttons at the same time, then releasing them at the same time. The player controls 2 Workers and the goal is the same. The "physics" of the 2 Workers are listed here:

- The Worker in the front does NOT get affected by the tools. In other words, you will noy recieve a miss if the front worker is hit.

- If the front worker hits the door while it is closed on the right side and the player continues pressi

ng right, the back worker will catch up to him. But the back worker will stop behind the front worker, other than going through him.

- When the front Worker goes through the door, the worker that was behind him now becomes the front and can no longer get hit.