Oil Panic is a duel screen handheld game released by Nintendo in May, 28 1982. 


You control Station Helper, trying to catch the oil dripping from the pipes on the 3rd floor (displayed on the top screen) and dump them out into your Boss's oil drum (on the bottum screen). You get 1 point for every drop of oil collected, 1 point for pouring 1 drop in the oil drum, 2 for putting 2 drops in the drum, and 5 points if you pour 3 drops.

There are 2 buttons.a left and a right button used to move Station Helper left and right. Game B requires more coordination and timing.


You get 3 Misses. But unlike other G&W, the miss system works differently. You have 2 miss counters. 1 for if you let an oil drop hit the floor on the 3rd floor, and one for if you spill the oil on one of the customers. But say if you hit 2 customers and missed 1 drop, you would NOT get a game over. Only if you get 3 misses in one counter, the game is over.